Every engineer will find something new and interesting in DS Community


Communicate with colleagues. Search for employees and partners. Initiate professional acquaintances

Information exchange

Join subject groups and discussions. Use social network’s messenger for private messages


Participate in events for engineers. Attend group courses offered by leading online training providers

Community of engineers

Our community brings together representatives of various engineering careers, specialties, branches: structural engineers, architects, industrial design engineers, engineering networks specialists, designers...

Social network is much better than forum!

DS Community allows you to create discussions on various topics, and news feed provides ability to conveniently keep track of all the new posts and articles.

There is a basic principle applied: improve yourself and help others improve!

Ask, answer, share, create... and remember that competent collaboration of experts can lead you to success!

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Why you should join a social network for engineers

...and make it worth it right now)

for CEO

Represent your company within an engineering marketplace, stay updated with the activities of opponents, act like field expert

for Chief Engineer

Keep abreast of trends, make business acquaintances, organize corporative training

for Engineer

Communicate with colleagues, learn news of the field, look for opportunities and prospects

for HR

Find technical field specialists, post vacancies, conduct surveys

for Mentor

Assert yourself and your services, exchange experiences, organize thematic events

for Developer

Advertise your products, initiate testing, provide support services of your product for an engineering audience

New events

Choose what interests you in the engineering world



Engineers respect accuracy and love numbers

  • Total Groups 93
  • Total Discussions 186
  • Total Bulletins 88
  • Total Photos 2675
  • Total Videos 392
  • Total Events 129
  • Total Members 1617
  • Total Males 1006
  • Total Females 297

Social Networking for Engineers — Tips & Helpful Hints

How to organize profile, how to create new group etc.

Any questions?

Perhaps the answers to them are in this small list:

Is sign up paid in social network?

No. The social network DS community is absolutely free for all members

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